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Warsaw Culture of Beer Festival, 1st and 2nd edition

This event, initiated by Kompania Piwowarska, aims to educate beer lovers in matters of beer culture. During the 1st edition, we were responsible for the complex event organization and its keynote was Warsaw of the 20s.
Participants got to know secrets of beer production, its different types and styles, experienced beer degustation and learnt what types of meal fit them. During the second edition we concentrated on the Polish folklore and the whole event was accompanied by bands such as Kapela Czerniakowska, Kapela Praska, Kapela Staśka Wielanka, Kapela Warszawska or Kapela Panów z Twardej. One of the biggest attractions was “Beer Culinary Inspirations’ in which Daniel Hucik (Master Chef star) prepared meals based on beer in front of the audience who could degustate them at the same time.

We provided:
  • contribution to the concept
  • scenography and space design
  • artistic programme
  • Beer Culinary Inspirations programme
  • technical services
  • festival’s infrastructure